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  Is your kitchen the one everyone loves to gather in? Are beautiful, spacious, sunny, warm, inviting, organized and functional words that you would use to describe your kitchen? One thing is for sure, a kitchen that is warm and inviting will certainly boost your spirits and everyone else's! There are so many reasons why kitchen cabinet refacing should be a top priority on your home improvement list. For generations, the kitchen has been the families focal point for get togethers and entertaining friends. No other room in your home offers a piping hot meal, cold drinks, comfortable seats, and incredible aromas like your kitchen can. In our before and after pictures of kitchen refacing you can see for yourself the amazing transformation from an old outdated kitchen to a bright, new one with all the extras! Think you can't afford it? Think again, a new kitchen is not out of your reach! 

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Question: Does cabinet refacing cost as much as a new kitchen ? 

Answer: No, refacing your kitchen cabinets is 50% to 70% less than the price of a new kitchen. Go to our website at 'Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing', and get an 'Instant Quote' right over the phone. Your average size kitchen refacing project will run anywhere from $3,500- $6,000, not including counter-tops or any extras. 

Question: What is and isn't included in my cabinet refacing 'Instant Quote' ? 

Answer: Included in the 'Instant Quote', all custom handcrafted doors and drawer fronts that are custom stained and finished by us, any minor repairs made to your original cabinet boxes if needed, 1/4 inch (furniture grade) real wood veneer or high pressure laminate will be applied to all the exposed areas of your cabinet boxes to match your doors and drawer fronts,your choice of new handles/knobs or pulls , European style (hidden) hinges, all molding, valances and trim. Any extras such as, counter-tops, additional cabinets, new island, will be an additional charge that will be added to your quote. 

Question: Is Cabinet Refacing considered a major remodeling project ? 

Answer: No, the truth is that cabinet refacing takes no longer than 2 to 4 days for an average kitchen. 

Question: Will my kitchen be off limits while it is being refaced ? 

Answer: No, you will still be able to move around in your kitchen and cook your evening meals. All of the kitchen cabinet refacing materials have already been finished/stained and measured before they are brought to your home. 

Question: Will there be a mess to deal with before, during, or after cabinet refacing? Such as, fumes,saw dust,scrap lumber, nails, etc... 

Answer: No, cabinet refacing is not only fast, but relatively mess free, and will not give off any foul odors. This is because everything has been premeasured, cut, sanded, stained and /or finished before it is brought into your home. 

Question: Will my kitchen look brand new, or will you be able to tell that it has been refaced ? 

Answer: Absolutely, your kitchen will look brand new, even your friends will not be able to tell. All of the exposed areas of the cabinet boxes are covered with 1/4 inch (furniture grade) real wood or laminate that will match your new doors and drawer fronts. Your cabinets will be hung using hidden European style hinges. Lastly, your handles/knobs will be attached and new molding will be added. With normal wear and tear your refaced kitchen will last as long as a new kitchen, 25 years and beyond. After having their kitchen cabinets refaced, our customers can't believe that it is the same kitchen. The transformation is amazing 

Question: Will cabinet refacing hold up as long as new cabinets ? 

Answer: The answer is a resounding "yes", firstly, all of the material we use in your kitchen refacing project is of the highest quality. Minor repairs if any, are made on the cabinet boxes before they are refaced, however, keep in mind that the older cabinet boxes, in many cases, were built sturdier than today's cabinet boxes. With normal wear and tear your refaced kitchen will last as long as a new kitchen, 25 years and beyond. 

  • Question: Besides beauty, how can cabinet refacing help make my kitchen more functionable and organized ? 

Answer: There are endless options with cabinet refacing to help with functionality and organization in your kitchen. Built in accessories are available, such as, pull out drawers, lazy Susans, pull out ironing boards, tray pullouts, tray organizers. See something you like at a friends house or in the latest kitchen remodeling magazine ? With kitchen refacing any accessories can be installed in your kitchen. You also have the option of adding additional cabinets or changing a large single cabinet door to two smaller doors. Why not add an island and take advantage of wasted space. 

Question: Why does the price range for cabinet refacing vary from high to low depending on the refacing company ? 

Answer: This is a great question, and one that we hear often. The larger the company the steeper the price is usually the rule. A nationally well known company will usually offer refacing as a subcategory, and will have a much larger amount of overhead than a smaller company that specializes in refacing. In order for these large companies to make a profit they must raise their prices substantially. They explain away their high price to reface your kitchen during their in home estimate, by pointing to their warranty that is backed by their (company name.) At 'Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing' we may not be a nationally known company, but we will stand behind our 5 year warranty for workmanship and any defective materials 100% . You see, we have built our good reputation one kitchen at a time and have everything to lose if we don't stand behind our work. Another excuse they use for their exorbitant refacing prices will be to tell you that, to pay any less you would sacrifice quality. This cannot be further from the truth. For instance, all of the materials that are used in our refacing projects are not only of the highest quality, we also custom finish all our own doors and material for quality control and uniformity, and yet, we are still able to offer you a great price. 

Question: Once I know that cabinet refacing is something I can afford, what is my next step ? 

Answer: Give us a call at 1-800-I-face-it and 'Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing' will set up an in home consultation with you. When we come to your home for an in home consultation, we will have with us everything you need to make all of your cabinet refacing decisions, including color samples of all our wood finishes, as well as an informative video of a recent kitchen that ‘Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing’ has refaced. Our video will show just how quickly and smoothly your kitchen refacing project will go, and the wonderful transformation of an old outdated kitchen to a beautiful new kitchen. We offer over 230 standard wood finishes for each species of wood. We stain our own cabinet doors and drawer fronts and are able to offer you custom color mixing and matching for a vast selection of stain color choices from which to choose from. Whether you choose wood cabinet doors, (RTF) rigid thermofoil or (MDF) medium density fiberboard, we’ll have what you want. 

Contact : If you have any additional questions you need answered about your kitchen refacing project, or you would like an 'Instant Quote' or in home consultation, please contact us at 1-800 I FACE IT. 

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