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Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Door Choices  

Different wood types 

Kitchen Cabinet Refacing doorstyle selection 

Choosing the right cabinet door for your kitchen refacing project 

At Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacingwe’ll help you find that cabinet door. 

When selecting your kitchen cabinets it all comes down to three important details: type, color and grain. 

Wood Type 

Hardwood: Hardwoods are often used for their beautiful grains high durability and resistance to warping.They also take finishes and stains well. 

Hardwoods include: birch, oak, maple, cherry, beech, ash, walnut and mahogany 

Softwood: Softwoods grow faster than hardwoods and are generally less expensive than hardwood. Softwood can be replenished faster so it is thought to be a more environmentally friendly option. Softwood is lightweight and easy to work with. 

Softwoods include:
pine, spruce, cedar, hemlock and cypress 

Wood Color 

All woods have natural color variations. This is the beauty of natural wood, every piece has its own distinct color and pattern . AtClassic Kitchen Cabient Refacing we can enhance and bring out the woods natural color variations, we offer over 230 standard wood color finishes for each species of wood. We do our own custom color mixing & matching for a limitless stain color selection and we custom finish all doors and materials for quality control and uniformity. We will have this selection available to you during your free in home consultation, so that you can view the different wood stain choices as well as the different wood variations in the natural light of your own kitchen. 


assortment of cabinet refacing door grains and textures 

Grain refers to the woods texture and various patterns that appear in it. The beauty of it all is that every tree has its own distinct pattern giving each cabinet door its own unique design. 

Here are a few of the many patterns you will find in natural wood. 

  • Fine: Discreet & inconspicuous designs. 
  • Lined: vertical patterns 
  • Cross: Lines that run parallel to the sides of the wood 
  • Spiral: funnel-like patterns 
  • Waved: Wavy lines 
  • Circular: Circular patterns 
  • Arched: Curved or bowed pattern 

When creating a specific look and feel for your kitchen you will want to view all your cabinet door options so you can better decide which wood cabinet will be the best fit in your kitchen. 

Some of the Most Popular Cabinet Door Choices: 


Maple kitchen cabinet door 

Maple is a medium to hard wood with a straight, wavy or curly grain. It has a smooth texture and different color variations. Maple is a hard and sturdy wood that makes it extremely durable. It has a light, even appearance that produces a smooth, clean look when stained. You may also choose to stain it to give it the appearance of other more expensive hardwoods and softwoods like cherry and cedar. Maple is a popular choice in the cabinet industry and has lived up to it’s reputation as a smooth textured medium/hardwood that is durable, easy to work with, and looks fabulous in any kitchen. 

Fact: Maple is a single growth wood, meaning that once the current supply of maple wood has been used, no more wood exists to replace it. ” United States Government forestry experts estimate that within twenty-five years the present supply of maple will be gone,” according to Craftsman Style. After this, maple wood will become as expensive as rare woods such as walnut. 


Oak kitchen cabinet door 

Oak comes in both red and white varieties. It’s grain is course and can vary from straight lines to distinctive arched patterns. It makes a wonderful cabinet that takes stains and finishes well. 


Birch kitchen cabinet door 

Birch is a light colored wood that has unique color variations that range from yellow to cream to a dark red. Its a smooth hardwood which has straight, curly or wavy grains running through it. It is a very durable wood and will take stains and finishes well. It is very versatile and looks beautiful in any kitchen. 


Hickory cabinet door  

Hickory varies in color from an extremely light cream to a dark reddish brown and occasionally can lean towards black. Hickory is a hard and heavy wood with various streaks running through it that will add beautiful and unique accents to your kitchen. 


Cherry cabinet door 

Cherry has its own beautiful and unique color that consists of pinkish-brown tones along with various shades of white, gray or green.Be aware that Cherry will dramatically darken several shades as it ages and is exposed to the light. Cherry is a smooth grained wood that will bring elegance to any kitchen. 

Browse through our before and after photos at Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing to view some of the different cabinet refacing styles available. 

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