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Question: What is cabinet refacing ?

Answer: Cabinet refacing consists of taking off all the old cabinet doors and drawer fronts and replacing them with new drawer fronts, drawer boxes and cabinet doors of your choice and style (custom fitted with self-closing hinges) & your choice of hardware. All exposed surfaces are entirely covered with 1/4 inch matching top-quality laminate or wood covering.  There’s no need to remove your cabinets from the walls. The whole process normally takes 2 to 3 days with very little mess. When it is completed it will look like a brand new kitchen for half the price of a new kitchen.

Question:  Will my refaced kitchen stand the test of time ?

Answer:   Refaced kitchen cabinets will last as long as new cabinets and easily hold up to twenty years of normal use.  Many of the lower priced new cabinets are made with  lesser “knotty” hardwoods and finished with lacquers which discolor and age in just a couple of years.  Repairs to refaced cabinet boxes are very rarely required but simple if needed.

Question:   We’re selling our home, is kitchen cabinet refacing a good investment ?

Answer : Independent remodeling industry studies have shown that cabinet refacing has the highest payback of any home improvement, usually nearly 100% upon resale. According to Better Homes & Gardens,  ” The kitchen is the most important room to stage in your home. By showcasing your kitchen in the best possible light, you can potentially sell your home faster and increase the closing price.  Even in a slow real estate market, making your kitchen attractive to a buyer could make the difference.”

Question:  If I reface my kitchen can I add a new countertop or have extra cabinets installed ?

Answer:   Yes to both questions. You may add some additional cabinets, or say you’ve got a 22 inch door and you would like to have two 11 inch doors to make it function better or more aesthetically pleasing, this can be achieved through the refacing process. Also you have a choice of any countertop material that is on the market today.

Question :  How is Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing different from other cabinet refacers ?

Answer:   We offer our customers a cabinet solution that is not only superior to other “re-facing” companies, but is equal to, or superior to, new cabinets.  We use only premium quality hardwood doors, use only the best paints, stains & glazes and always replace hinges and drawer slides with premium quality hardware.  When someone sees Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing cabinet installation, their reaction is almost always “I can’t believe this is a reface!”.  We are also one of the most reasonably priced refacing company around. We are so sure you’ll agree that we will give you a ball park figure right over the phone, before we even step foot in your home.

Question:  How long does kitchen refacing take?

Answer:   In most cases it takes from 2 to 4 days depending on the size and what all is being done. You will still be able to use your kitchen even while the refacing project is going on.

Question:   Are you a licensed contractor ?

Answer:  Yes.

Question: Do you have current liability insurance ?

Answer:  Yes.

Question:  How long has your COMPANY been in business ?

Answer :  I started Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing back in the early 80′s, at the time  there were only a handful of kitchen refacers.  We have proudly and successfully been refacing kitchens in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Vermont and southern Maine for a little over 30 years.

Question:   Do you install kitchens yourself ?

Answer:   I am not only the owner of  Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing but also an installer.

Question:  Are you a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) ?

Answer:  Yes, with an A+ rating.

Question:  Will my friends be able to tell that my kitchen was refaced ?

Answer:  No, doors and drawer fronts will all be replaced, and all exposed areas will be covered to match the doors. Your kitchen will look brand new !

Question:   Will I have the same options in door styles, hardware and countertops as I would with a new kitchen ?

Answer:  Yes, you will have your choice of door style, hardware and countertops. You may choose from anything that is available on the market today.

Question:   Would I be able to go see a kitchen that your company has refaced ?

Answer:  Yes, We will not only let you visit some of our refaced kitchens, we will go out of our way to find you a refaced kitchen we have done in your area !  We proudly stand behind our work and what better way for you to find this out than by asking our customers themselves !

Question:  So that I don’t waste my time and yours, is it possible to get a price on refacing my kitchen right over the phone, before you come out to my home ?

Answer:  Yes, most refacers will not give an estimate for fear of scaring you off with their over inflated prices. We are not only proud of our top quality workmanship, we can also boast about being one of the best priced refacers in New England. Go to our website and click on the Instant Quote and you will be given a price right over the phone, so there will be no surprises when we come out to your home.

Question:  Kitchen refacing seems like the best choice for me, what should I do next ?

Answer:  Go to our web site  at Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and click on the Instant Quote. We will give you a call back and give you a ball park figure. If you are still interested we will come out to your home to meet with you and go over all the details of your kitchen refacing project. There will be no high pressure sales pitch. We encourage you to get estimates from a few different refacers.

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