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For 1/3 the Cost of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Bring Your 1980′s Style Kitchen Into the 21st Century


For 1/3 the cost of Kitchen Cabinet Refacing Bring Your 1980′s Style Kitchen Into the 21st Century.  Get an ‘Instant cabinet refacing quote’ today !

For 1/3 the cost of  kitchen cabinet refacing ’CLASSIC KITCHEN CABINET REFACING’ can take your 1980′s style kitchen into the 21st century by replacing your old cabinet doors and drawer fronts.

 If your kitchen is stuck in the 1980′s, having white formica doors with wood trim and/ or pulls, your cabinet doors can simply be replaced. If this is your kitchen, you have the option of replacing the white formica cabinet doors with real wood doors without refacing. By replacing your cabinet doors you will dramatically change the look of your kitchen for  1/3 the cost of refacing.

 Old 1980′s style formica doors…

1980′s style White Melamine cabinets with wood trim

1980' style kitchenkitchen after refacing

See what a difference just changing your old formica doors can make !
Solid Red Oak kitchen cabinets

If your kitchen has these dated 1980′s style doors, open your cabinets and you will see the face frame is solid red oak wood.  Face-framed cabinets are the most common cabinets in the U.S. In this construction method, the kitchen cabinets are made with a hardwood frame on the face of each cabinet to mask the raw edges and add structural integrity.  When doors are installed, there is a gap between the doors where the frame shows.  At Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing we can give your kitchen a dramatic and beautiful look simply by removing the dated white melamine doors and drawer fronts and replacing them with red oak doors that will match the existing red oak face frame.

At ‘Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing’ we are one of the few refacing companies to offer over 230 standard wood color finishes for each species of wood.  We will stain and match your new red oak wood doors exactly with the existing red oak face frame.  Although you will need to match the existing stain on the cabinet face frame, you choose the door style  . Next, add your choice of  new hardware  , beautiful, concealed, European style hinges, and you will have given your kitchen a dramatic new and updated look for a 1/3 of the cost of refacing.

Although you can  choose from a large selection of red oak style cabinets,including beautiful glass cabinet doors, here are some examples below.

Whether you are contemplating refacing your cabinets or simply replacing your cabinet doors, visit us on our website ‘Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing and fill out our ‘Instant Quote’ and find out within 24 hours what it will cost to reface your kitchen. Or call us at 1-800 I FACE IT to schedule a free in home estimate.

At ‘Classic Kitchen Cabinet Refacing’ we are proud to offer top quality workmanship at an affordable price. We are a family owned business who has been proudly refacing kitchens in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont & Maine for over 28 years.


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