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Should I Refinish or Reface my Cabinets?

Refinishing or Refacing which is more affordable?

A beautiful kitchen is an asset to any home, but, finances, time, and personal preferences all come into play when deciding which route to take for your kitchen remodeling project.  Weigh your options, Refinishing vs Refacing, which is for you?

REFINISHING VS REFACING installing a cabinet door

 Keep in mind with refinishing you must be satisfied with your kitchen layout. If you choose to reface you will have the option to add extra cabinets or countertops, however the kitchen layout as a whole will not change substantially whether you refinish or reface.  If your old cabinets are warped or badly damaged from moisture or wear & tear refinishing your cabinets will not be an option, however repairs can be done to the cabinets boxes before refacing them.   Below is a list of some of the pros and cons of refinishing vs refacing.


  •  If you choose to refinish the cabinets yourself the savings will be substantial.
  • If you hire a refinisher you will pay about the same amount as you would for refacing.
  • Remember when choosing to refinish you cannot go lighter than your existing cabinet color, only darker, unless you bleach your doors first.
  • Cabinet doors that are made out of veneer,  will delaminate when you apply the chemicals to strip them.
  • Veneer doors are thin and there is very little margin of error when sanding them.
  • You are very limited to your handle choices due to the pre existing holes that will be left.
  • Your choice of hinges will also be limited when you refinish your cabinets. The popular concealed european styled hinges will not be an option with older refinished doors.
  • If you have your cabinets proffesionally refinished, your cabinets will look beautiful.
  • If you are content with your kitchen layout  and your cabinet door style, refinishing might be the way to go.



refacing vs refinishing men refacing a kitchen


  • Refacing means  brand new doors in any style, size, or material that is on the market today.
  • Refacing is about the same price as having your doors proffesionally refinished..
  • You will have endless choices of hardware .
  • Refacing allows you to change your kitchen layout by adding new cabinets or countertops.
  • Refacing is quick (2 to 4 days) with very little disruption to your life. Most homeowners are able to work in their kitchen during a refacing project .
  • Refacing is half the cost of a new kitchen.
  • Along with new doors and hardware all of the exposed area of your cabinets will be covered in 1/4 inch material that will match your doors.
  • The end result is a beautiful kitchen that looks brand new.

            The Choice is up to you refinish or reface?  Check out our DIY Kitchen Cabinet Refacing on our blog or get our exclusive Instant Refacing Quote.

Find out what is available in cabinet hardware, see the article on Kitchen Cabinet Hardware Choices on our blog. Contact us at 1-800 I FACE IT  proudly serving in:  Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine

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